Is spirituality for youths?

Spirituality’, the word while strikes our ears, create a positive hope for a while in our minds. Though it reacts differently to the minds of people as per their ages!

But the most dangerous illusion we believe in today is, ‘Spirituality is the term related to the elder ones or the old age people’. While the saddest truth all of us are unaware of is, ‘Spirituality is the term necessary for the problems of today’s youth. Yes, spirituality is the treatment, it is the cure, its healing process is immeasurably tremendous. It lets a person out of anxiety, out of depression, helps to stop overthinking, and what not? And these problems mentioned above are usually observed among today’s youth and not among the people of old ages!

The generation of today is going nowhere, at no place good, whether it be thoughts or the values or the ethics. The general problem we observe among today’s youth is love failure. This is the age they lose themselves in the search of someone else, while they forget that the someone they are searching for…is already inside them. They can understand this by having a small understanding of spirituality. But our all minds are surrounded with the wrong beliefs that spirituality is not for the youths! Today’s youth parallelly or eventually troubles themselves as they consider themselves as same as the other one! And hence the problems faced by the other one are eventually faced by them too.

It’s the general belief among today’s youth that they are all having the same phases of their lives, same are the problems and as same are the experiences, and so the very rare number of people who are luckily different from today’s youth, unfortunately, starts considering themselves the same, like if they too trouble themselves and experience the same problem of depression and anxiety. Though they never realise that they are the only single reason for the troubles they are facing, as they just mix up themselves with the crowd and just be like most of the youths today!

No one likes to be different or to be their own way, as such people are criticized or ignored by the most common number of people forming the crowd.

Spirituality is the solution, it is the solution for one’s question of self-development, it is the way for such people who get lost in the normal crowd and the general problems faced by all of them. Just a small understanding of spirituality could also help them solve their problems and to find themselves out of the crowd, to feel different from the crowd!

A bit understanding of spirituality at a young age makes them clear with their thought, their dreams, their desires. They just find themselves who exactly are they! They experience the clarity of thoughts in their minds, and as so they can surely do something extraordinarily special of what they are already capable of, while they found themselves different from the normal crowd of today’s youth. Being different lets you know who you are, and for what you are!❤️