Live your life!

What really does matter in your journey of life? You dream, you desire, you achieve your success you deserved! Then what?

What actually you live for? Have you ever thought silently and thought about your purpose in life or at least what really does matters the most?

Have a break from your routine, think differently about the activities you perform daily and you may be surprised after not getting the exact point of what worth it is? Think totally different no matter if it lets you act like a moron!!

Learn the aspect, learn the purpose, the thing which does matters behind all the actions you perform daily! Don’t be always you…try to be someone else once, to know yourself from others point of view and be the better version of them !!
The thing which actually does matter out of your life and activities you perform throughout is…how much do you enjoy it?

This may sound normal or lame…but we ignore the normal aspects so often which are always the ones with the correct worth!!
So think again about your life and what all you do…is that necessary? Or you just do it to please others and be normal…the thing which matters the most is how happy your inner soul is? How much do you enjoy life….success doesn’t bring you enjoyment for your entire process of achieving it…you just feel relaxed after achieving it. Learn to enjoy the process instead of hoping a satisfaction after getting success, because it is the process that you are gonna go through the most out of your life…..just enjoy every fucking moment of your life as it is yours, and truly yours… do not allow others to ruin it. You only live around for a few countable numbers of years. So why not enjoy the every damn single moment of it wherever you are and whatever you are with?

Live your life! Enjoy your life and cherish that madness inside you which you were carrying for so long within….just enjoy every damn single minute of your life without a single excuse!
Be silly, be fun, be amazing, that’s what would help you to enjoy life most and get the best happy version of yourself throughout!

Live your life the best and the way you have dreamed of it!❤️


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