Learn to WAIT!

Changes are mandatory in one’s life! Doesn’t matter you accept it or not! Everything changes with a certain period of time. Whether it be people or situation or condition or anything! It all changes after some time. Human beings often make their decisions, the most important decisions of their life which they think they are, too quickly! It is the human tendency to accept what life gives them, most of them accept it because they have no other option while rest are the one who enjoys it!

People often take their decisions so quickly and later regret for the same. They are like, ‘okay, done. This is final and perfect for me, will carry on with the same for my entire life!’ But later while things begin to change, so does people and which is a universal law, people discover that something much better and appropriate than what they considered best in their past could exist!

Yes, it does. You never know what’s best for you, there is always something much better than what you already consider as the best. You have just not felt it, just not met it, just not discovered it yet and that’s all! Wait for the time, you will know things, your heart will speak to you and let you know what is perfect and what shall be final for you! Wait for the things to happen. Things obviously are going to change and happen but you don’t have to accept it or consider them as permanent unless your soul speaks to you, you will discover whether it is the right time for you to accept the change for permanent or still wait for the best to come. Listen to your soul, your inner voice for what exactly it hopes. People accept the change or they stick to their old beliefs nothing else in between.

Those who do not accept the change are mostly afraid for what if change doesn’t bring happiness into their lives? But those who accept the change happening in their every aspect of life with a positive hope, to them, change has never proved itself harmful or not beneficial. You get what you desire, what your mind craves for. So isn’t it better to accept the change occurring in life with a gleam of hope and wait with utter patience for the things to consider them for permanent in your life? Learn to wait for the right time, for the right person, for the right situation.

Everything is surely coming to you someday and will make you complete.



People often use to say that, ‘Yes that was my dream that was what I always wanted to do. That’s what exactly I wished to achieve in my life! But unfortunately, I could not. Time passes, priorities change, dreams change in fact the goals we set changes!’ But I strongly believe that it is not true.

You are the only reason for not achieving the goals that were set by you, and not the circumstances not even the time. That is just you!

Think about it, if you had a very strong, pure and utter desire to achieve something in life you would have never gone for the other fundamental aspects or blame the circumstances with silly excuses. You would just focus on your dreams and run on the path leading towards them. Nothing can ever stop you if you have the madness to achieve something in your life. No situations, no circumstances, no person! All that you could see is yourself while achieving it and the struggle that you committed throughout.

The people who have an excuse for circumstances or the situation, who blame them for not letting them achieve their goals. Where never full of madness and that fire inside them to achieve it! If not, they would have achieved it with any circumstance or situation which is provided to them.

Simple excuses and blaming the situations for not allowing you to fulfil your dream is not the right thing to be said.

Just listen to your inner soul for what exactly it requires from you. Once you get it, no person, no situation, no power in the whole universe could ever stop you from doing that and achieving that.

And if you notice yourself giving those stupid excuses and blaming the situation, consider yourself that you never asked your soul for what exactly it demands from you. You just did what society expected from you to be done!

Nothing can ever make you as happy as listening to your soul and struggling on the path of what It demands from you to be achieved. Pure happiness is not laughing, it is something which you can only feel internally, through your heart and from nowhere else.
We observe many successful people with a lack of happiness, why is that so? Isn’t it true that success leads to happiness?

Well, it depends on how you achieved success. Is it the one that came through your inner soul or the one achieved just to satisfy the people of society or the family?

Struggling will surely lead you to a successful person but extreme happiness is not sure for permanent in it, since it comes through satisfaction.
And of course, the success of your inner soul is much more satisfying than the one you achieved differently.
Stop performing the things that you are doing without your interest in it. Listen to your inner voice and start your journey on the path that it shows you.

You surely will be the happiest successful person in your life.


Expectation! All of us are familiar with this word. It has a special ability to serve you both, happiness and sadness. Not at the same time but, eventually both as per your mindset!

None in the world is free of expectations, all of us are some or the other how filled with it. We actually live for it! Yes to see them getting fulfilled and name it as happiness! Either we live to satisfy our own happiness or someone else’s but the purpose is always the same!

We live for the happiness that’s the truth. Nowadays the people of this generation need reasons to be happy, they always seek it! Nobody wants to be happy for no reason. They just seek it relating with their expectations, that while the expectation is satisfied the happiness is eventually served by it.

But the expectation isn’t mandatory to be satisfied, if they don’t, they’ll kill you for sure. And luckily if satisfied, happiness is served as a byproduct of it! There is a risk to achieve happiness through the path of expectations, so what we do next? Should we give up on developing the expectations? No, that’s something that is never gonna happen.

Who in the world is free of expectations? No one! All of them have their own like your parents already have it as they will spend the rest of their lives happily once you are settled. You have it hoping that you may end up living and enjoying life happily in all ways possible! But if these all expectations do not get satisfied, you will eventually lose your path to happiness which is the main purpose of life.

You can have expectations, but never make it as a path leading to the happiness of your life. By doing so you will risk your happiness and your life’s purpose. But while one has the expectations, definitely the results are to be faced.

The only option to find your happiness is your own way. We are all filled with beliefs that happiness needs a reason to get served to us. No! It does not. You can create it by yourself, learn to stay happy for no special reason to be. Learn to love yourself more than the expectation and their outcomes, train your mind to generate its own happiness. Happiness does not need any reason to be served or any path to be walked on to achieve it. The way it makes you feel energetic and good is the way you allow it to do!

Yes! You need to find your happiness today itself! Or else you will just waste your precious life hoping for the expectations to be fulfilled.

How long us human beings live? Around 70? The average ratio it is. Count on your age today and discover how many years you have in your hands left? The days are passing, years are going on and on, time is even slipping while reading this! This will all end soon and you will be gone someday. So why not make it joyful? Doesn’t matter where are you today and what are you today, you can absolutely be happy for no reason. Start it today, right now! Make yourself happy, these expectations are never going to leave you. So never expect anything from your expectation. Let it be the way it is, let it serve you whatever outcome it be. That won’t harm you and neither your happiness since you had no expectation from your expectations!

You already have everything!

We are all already living our life’s the best, the happiest, full of joy to the eternal. Just have a look around you and think for what all things you are blessed in your life, yes you already have everything with you, you have all of that happiness inside, for which you are seeking outside! You already are blessed with a lot many things in your life which you never even imagined for. We don’t value things we have because it has been so much common to us! Think again for all you all blessed with, I assure you that you already have a lot of happiness in your life and you just have everything….you can’t see it because you are habituated with those things you have. Change the mindset and cherish the life again, live it to the best as you deserve it, you are for sure supposed to make your life worth remembering and full of memories that defines you!

Live your life!

What really does matter in your journey of life? You dream, you desire, you achieve your success you deserved! Then what?

What actually you live for? Have you ever thought silently and thought about your purpose in life or at least what really does matters the most?

Have a break from your routine, think differently about the activities you perform daily and you may be surprised after not getting the exact point of what worth it is? Think totally different no matter if it lets you act like a moron!!

Learn the aspect, learn the purpose, the thing which does matters behind all the actions you perform daily! Don’t be always you…try to be someone else once, to know yourself from others point of view and be the better version of them !!
The thing which actually does matter out of your life and activities you perform throughout is…how much do you enjoy it?

This may sound normal or lame…but we ignore the normal aspects so often which are always the ones with the correct worth!!
So think again about your life and what all you do…is that necessary? Or you just do it to please others and be normal…the thing which matters the most is how happy your inner soul is? How much do you enjoy life….success doesn’t bring you enjoyment for your entire process of achieving it…you just feel relaxed after achieving it. Learn to enjoy the process instead of hoping a satisfaction after getting success, because it is the process that you are gonna go through the most out of your life…..just enjoy every fucking moment of your life as it is yours, and truly yours… do not allow others to ruin it. You only live around for a few countable numbers of years. So why not enjoy the every damn single moment of it wherever you are and whatever you are with?

Live your life! Enjoy your life and cherish that madness inside you which you were carrying for so long within….just enjoy every damn single minute of your life without a single excuse!
Be silly, be fun, be amazing, that’s what would help you to enjoy life most and get the best happy version of yourself throughout!

Live your life the best and the way you have dreamed of it!❤️

Life just wanna examine you!

Isn’t it true that we always blame our lives saying that, ‘life’s a bitch, it always gives us pain and let us suffer through it? But also is it not true that life really gives us pain and let us suffer through it?

Yes, it is true, both the questions asked above have the same answer! Just the fact is that the question itself is a fact, and we believe in the facts blindly without searching for the truth inside them!

Yes, life indeed gives us pain, but not to suffer from it. It just wants to examine us for what we wish to become in our lives and for what we want to achieve in our life. It just wants to examine us, examine our desires for what we wanna be in our lives or want to achieve in our lives. Life just wants to check our capabilities for what we wish to become or what we want to achieve. Life just wanna examine you!

You can only achieve something or you can only become something when you have the extreme desire for that! Only if you have the extreme willpower for achieving something. That is the reason life wants to examine you by giving the problems to you. Just to check whether you are capable or not of achieving something. The people often ask, ‘why always the nice people have to suffer the most? The answer is, these nice people have a very strong desire to achieve something in their lives! It is the universal law that you only get what you are capable of! No one in the universe had ever achieved something more than what he/she is capable of! You obviously can increase your skills, but your skills to depend on your desires of doing or achieving something in life.

So whenever life gives you a problem, give yourself the confidence, as life just wanna examine you! And not want you to suffer. Just be clear with your dreams as you only achieve what you are capable of and what you have desired for! And nothing great in this world is ever achieved without any kind of exams or the problems faced throughout. Be ready to pay the price of your dreams!

Practically life is beautiful and wonderful with a lot of excitements to be experienced in it, but we keep blaming it just because it wants to examine us by giving the problems! 

The truth is, those who carry the utter madness of doing something great in their lives inside them, always understand the life and the phases, the problems it gives them and that is the reason behind their success. As only such people who are capable of achieving huge success can get through their life problems and do something great to pursue their dreams! The other group of people who give up after facing few of the problems in their life were never full of desires and madness in the path of fulfilling their goals, because if they were really capable they should have considered life’s problems as an examination. As life just wanna examine you…..NOTHING ELSE!

So who are you????? The one carrying the utter madness and strong desire to achieve something in their life or the one who considers life problems as the sufferings…. And not as the examination!

You decide your vibe, so know yourself, know the facts of life and increase your desire and generate the utter madness inside you to achieve something or to become something in life! As life just wanna examine you and nothing else!

Is spirituality for youths?

Spirituality’, the word while strikes our ears, create a positive hope for a while in our minds. Though it reacts differently to the minds of people as per their ages!

But the most dangerous illusion we believe in today is, ‘Spirituality is the term related to the elder ones or the old age people’. While the saddest truth all of us are unaware of is, ‘Spirituality is the term necessary for the problems of today’s youth. Yes, spirituality is the treatment, it is the cure, its healing process is immeasurably tremendous. It lets a person out of anxiety, out of depression, helps to stop overthinking, and what not? And these problems mentioned above are usually observed among today’s youth and not among the people of old ages!

The generation of today is going nowhere, at no place good, whether it be thoughts or the values or the ethics. The general problem we observe among today’s youth is love failure. This is the age they lose themselves in the search of someone else, while they forget that the someone they are searching for…is already inside them. They can understand this by having a small understanding of spirituality. But our all minds are surrounded with the wrong beliefs that spirituality is not for the youths! Today’s youth parallelly or eventually troubles themselves as they consider themselves as same as the other one! And hence the problems faced by the other one are eventually faced by them too.

It’s the general belief among today’s youth that they are all having the same phases of their lives, same are the problems and as same are the experiences, and so the very rare number of people who are luckily different from today’s youth, unfortunately, starts considering themselves the same, like if they too trouble themselves and experience the same problem of depression and anxiety. Though they never realise that they are the only single reason for the troubles they are facing, as they just mix up themselves with the crowd and just be like most of the youths today!

No one likes to be different or to be their own way, as such people are criticized or ignored by the most common number of people forming the crowd.

Spirituality is the solution, it is the solution for one’s question of self-development, it is the way for such people who get lost in the normal crowd and the general problems faced by all of them. Just a small understanding of spirituality could also help them solve their problems and to find themselves out of the crowd, to feel different from the crowd!

A bit understanding of spirituality at a young age makes them clear with their thought, their dreams, their desires. They just find themselves who exactly are they! They experience the clarity of thoughts in their minds, and as so they can surely do something extraordinarily special of what they are already capable of, while they found themselves different from the normal crowd of today’s youth. Being different lets you know who you are, and for what you are!❤️