Life just wanna examine you!

Isn’t it true that we always blame our lives saying that, ‘life’s a bitch, it always gives us pain and let us suffer through it? But also is it not true that life really gives us pain and let us suffer through it?

Yes, it is true, both the questions asked above have the same answer! Just the fact is that the question itself is a fact, and we believe in the facts blindly without searching for the truth inside them!

Yes, life indeed gives us pain, but not to suffer from it. It just wants to examine us for what we wish to become in our lives and for what we want to achieve in our life. It just wants to examine us, examine our desires for what we wanna be in our lives or want to achieve in our lives. Life just wants to check our capabilities for what we wish to become or what we want to achieve. Life just wanna examine you!

You can only achieve something or you can only become something when you have the extreme desire for that! Only if you have the extreme willpower for achieving something. That is the reason life wants to examine you by giving the problems to you. Just to check whether you are capable or not of achieving something. The people often ask, ‘why always the nice people have to suffer the most? The answer is, these nice people have a very strong desire to achieve something in their lives! It is the universal law that you only get what you are capable of! No one in the universe had ever achieved something more than what he/she is capable of! You obviously can increase your skills, but your skills to depend on your desires of doing or achieving something in life.

So whenever life gives you a problem, give yourself the confidence, as life just wanna examine you! And not want you to suffer. Just be clear with your dreams as you only achieve what you are capable of and what you have desired for! And nothing great in this world is ever achieved without any kind of exams or the problems faced throughout. Be ready to pay the price of your dreams!

Practically life is beautiful and wonderful with a lot of excitements to be experienced in it, but we keep blaming it just because it wants to examine us by giving the problems! 

The truth is, those who carry the utter madness of doing something great in their lives inside them, always understand the life and the phases, the problems it gives them and that is the reason behind their success. As only such people who are capable of achieving huge success can get through their life problems and do something great to pursue their dreams! The other group of people who give up after facing few of the problems in their life were never full of desires and madness in the path of fulfilling their goals, because if they were really capable they should have considered life’s problems as an examination. As life just wanna examine you…..NOTHING ELSE!

So who are you????? The one carrying the utter madness and strong desire to achieve something in their life or the one who considers life problems as the sufferings…. And not as the examination!

You decide your vibe, so know yourself, know the facts of life and increase your desire and generate the utter madness inside you to achieve something or to become something in life! As life just wanna examine you and nothing else!


2 thoughts on “Life just wanna examine you!

  1. Dear Niraj,
    Your blog has reinforced two things to me :
    1. Success is sweet but it’s secret is sweat!
    2. Deserve before you desire!
    Life is really what you make it.
    Lovely insights. Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

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