Expectation! All of us are familiar with this word. It has a special ability to serve you both, happiness and sadness. Not at the same time but, eventually both as per your mindset!

None in the world is free of expectations, all of us are some or the other how filled with it. We actually live for it! Yes to see them getting fulfilled and name it as happiness! Either we live to satisfy our own happiness or someone else’s but the purpose is always the same!

We live for the happiness that’s the truth. Nowadays the people of this generation need reasons to be happy, they always seek it! Nobody wants to be happy for no reason. They just seek it relating with their expectations, that while the expectation is satisfied the happiness is eventually served by it.

But the expectation isn’t mandatory to be satisfied, if they don’t, they’ll kill you for sure. And luckily if satisfied, happiness is served as a byproduct of it! There is a risk to achieve happiness through the path of expectations, so what we do next? Should we give up on developing the expectations? No, that’s something that is never gonna happen.

Who in the world is free of expectations? No one! All of them have their own like your parents already have it as they will spend the rest of their lives happily once you are settled. You have it hoping that you may end up living and enjoying life happily in all ways possible! But if these all expectations do not get satisfied, you will eventually lose your path to happiness which is the main purpose of life.

You can have expectations, but never make it as a path leading to the happiness of your life. By doing so you will risk your happiness and your life’s purpose. But while one has the expectations, definitely the results are to be faced.

The only option to find your happiness is your own way. We are all filled with beliefs that happiness needs a reason to get served to us. No! It does not. You can create it by yourself, learn to stay happy for no special reason to be. Learn to love yourself more than the expectation and their outcomes, train your mind to generate its own happiness. Happiness does not need any reason to be served or any path to be walked on to achieve it. The way it makes you feel energetic and good is the way you allow it to do!

Yes! You need to find your happiness today itself! Or else you will just waste your precious life hoping for the expectations to be fulfilled.

How long us human beings live? Around 70? The average ratio it is. Count on your age today and discover how many years you have in your hands left? The days are passing, years are going on and on, time is even slipping while reading this! This will all end soon and you will be gone someday. So why not make it joyful? Doesn’t matter where are you today and what are you today, you can absolutely be happy for no reason. Start it today, right now! Make yourself happy, these expectations are never going to leave you. So never expect anything from your expectation. Let it be the way it is, let it serve you whatever outcome it be. That won’t harm you and neither your happiness since you had no expectation from your expectations!


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