People often use to say that, ‘Yes that was my dream that was what I always wanted to do. That’s what exactly I wished to achieve in my life! But unfortunately, I could not. Time passes, priorities change, dreams change in fact the goals we set changes!’ But I strongly believe that it is not true.

You are the only reason for not achieving the goals that were set by you, and not the circumstances not even the time. That is just you!

Think about it, if you had a very strong, pure and utter desire to achieve something in life you would have never gone for the other fundamental aspects or blame the circumstances with silly excuses. You would just focus on your dreams and run on the path leading towards them. Nothing can ever stop you if you have the madness to achieve something in your life. No situations, no circumstances, no person! All that you could see is yourself while achieving it and the struggle that you committed throughout.

The people who have an excuse for circumstances or the situation, who blame them for not letting them achieve their goals. Where never full of madness and that fire inside them to achieve it! If not, they would have achieved it with any circumstance or situation which is provided to them.

Simple excuses and blaming the situations for not allowing you to fulfil your dream is not the right thing to be said.

Just listen to your inner soul for what exactly it requires from you. Once you get it, no person, no situation, no power in the whole universe could ever stop you from doing that and achieving that.

And if you notice yourself giving those stupid excuses and blaming the situation, consider yourself that you never asked your soul for what exactly it demands from you. You just did what society expected from you to be done!

Nothing can ever make you as happy as listening to your soul and struggling on the path of what It demands from you to be achieved. Pure happiness is not laughing, it is something which you can only feel internally, through your heart and from nowhere else.
We observe many successful people with a lack of happiness, why is that so? Isn’t it true that success leads to happiness?

Well, it depends on how you achieved success. Is it the one that came through your inner soul or the one achieved just to satisfy the people of society or the family?

Struggling will surely lead you to a successful person but extreme happiness is not sure for permanent in it, since it comes through satisfaction.
And of course, the success of your inner soul is much more satisfying than the one you achieved differently.
Stop performing the things that you are doing without your interest in it. Listen to your inner voice and start your journey on the path that it shows you.

You surely will be the happiest successful person in your life.


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