Learn to WAIT!

Changes are mandatory in one’s life! Doesn’t matter you accept it or not! Everything changes with a certain period of time. Whether it be people or situation or condition or anything! It all changes after some time. Human beings often make their decisions, the most important decisions of their life which they think they are, too quickly! It is the human tendency to accept what life gives them, most of them accept it because they have no other option while rest are the one who enjoys it!

People often take their decisions so quickly and later regret for the same. They are like, ‘okay, done. This is final and perfect for me, will carry on with the same for my entire life!’ But later while things begin to change, so does people and which is a universal law, people discover that something much better and appropriate than what they considered best in their past could exist!

Yes, it does. You never know what’s best for you, there is always something much better than what you already consider as the best. You have just not felt it, just not met it, just not discovered it yet and that’s all! Wait for the time, you will know things, your heart will speak to you and let you know what is perfect and what shall be final for you! Wait for the things to happen. Things obviously are going to change and happen but you don’t have to accept it or consider them as permanent unless your soul speaks to you, you will discover whether it is the right time for you to accept the change for permanent or still wait for the best to come. Listen to your soul, your inner voice for what exactly it hopes. People accept the change or they stick to their old beliefs nothing else in between.

Those who do not accept the change are mostly afraid for what if change doesn’t bring happiness into their lives? But those who accept the change happening in their every aspect of life with a positive hope, to them, change has never proved itself harmful or not beneficial. You get what you desire, what your mind craves for. So isn’t it better to accept the change occurring in life with a gleam of hope and wait with utter patience for the things to consider them for permanent in your life? Learn to wait for the right time, for the right person, for the right situation.

Everything is surely coming to you someday and will make you complete.


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